July 13, 2024
6 Benefits of Hair Oil for Gorgeous Hair

6 Benefits of Hair Oil for Gorgeous Hair

Haircare often gets left behind in the rush of hectic daily routines. Worrying about hair fall, premature greying and additional hair damage due to chemical processes carried out at cosmetic salons, it’s easy to reach for packaged products promising “miraculous” results or settle for the treatment proffered by professionals.

However, there are few things in life as important as our hair! It’s wise to spend time taking good care of its health, especially when it comes to how we manipulate it: whether it’s from pollution or widespread abuse that causes a lot of stress during a person’s day, such as using tight hairstyles or ponytails every day. To ensure your hair stays healthy and strong – you need to look after it from the inside.

We give you ten reasons why oiling hair is good for you.

1. Natural goodness for hair

The first benefit is that natural hair oil, meaning the least processed, comes with several vitamins and micro-nutrients like all food does.

So hair oil is hair food, which explains why bacteria in the body might likewise be attracted to the hair-bearing vitamins A, E and D and enhanced by zinc, iron and sulphur; those same minerals give your hair shine.

2. Revitalises hair tissues

The second benefit of a hair oil massage is how it penetrates the skin. A shampoo conditioner won’t go as deep into your skin and will leave areas difficult to reach, but you can get to all areas of your head with hair oil.

3. Relaxing massage for healthy scalp

Three benefits of a regular hair oil massage, the first being boosting blood circulation in the scalp, is that it evenly spreads the oil through one’s crown and delivers nutrients directly to hair roots.

It also relaxes stress and tension, thereby easing any discomfort or pain and reducing anxiety and depression, thereby helping one cope better with life’s problems. The third benefit is controlling dandruff.

This can be achieved by regularly massaging the scalp using your chosen hair oil blend with added essential oils for additional health benefits like in Sandalwood Oil, for example!

4. Fights hair fall

Hair oil is an essential tool if you suffer from hair loss in any form. It can be used to either aid the healing process or to prevent further problems like hair thinning.

Therefore, whether you’re growing out your hair or in need of some profound damage control because it’s falling right off your head, using a hair thickening oil product that is specially made for just that purpose can do wonders for your locks.

5. Tames frizz

When styling your hair, make sure you don’t overuse heat and implements (like curling irons). Excessive heat is one of the most common causes of damage to the structure and appearance of hair, so save it for an event when you need that extra boost. On regular days, use good conditioners to moisturize your strands instead.

This is particularly important if you have curly or colour-treated hair – heat tend to dry them out quickly. When applying conditioner, try mid-shaft to tip; this helps seal in moisture longer.

6. Hair thickening oil

Once you’ve made the homemade coconut oil, you can make it even more helpful! Get yourself a packet of Triphala powder. Heat a pan on low heat, and add 3 tbsp of the coconut oil to one tbsp of Triphala powder.

Still until smooth and put into a bowl when done. This mixture will keep for up to 10 days in the refrigerator. Recipe adapted from beautyhealthtips.

Coconut oil is excellent for your hair in so many ways! Not only is it an excellent moisturizer, but it also helps reconstruct damaged hair and prevents breakage and split ends.

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